Cramp Bark Tincture for Menstrual Cramps

To learn about the causes and solutions of menstrual pain see my reducing menstrual cramps blog post.

Cramp Bark Tincture

My well used cramp bark tincture!

Before you get to the root of your problem you will want something in your toolbox that will fix the pain right now! Cramp bark tincture is an excellent solution for that. As it’s name implies, cramp bark is a root that when turned into a tea or tincture can reduce cramps. How does it do it? It decreases muscle spasms in your body, and since cramps are (usually) caused by uterine spasms, it lowers pain immensely. I am extremely impressed with this product. I had been a sufferer of menstrual cramps for eight years until I discovered cramp bark . My reason for cramps is endometriosis, which I discovered I had a few years ago. Amazingly, cramp bark tincture has decreased my menstrual cramps from an pain level eight to a two! I used to take Ibuprofun (NSAIDS) each month to control my pain. Since taking cramp bark I haven’t had to take one NSAIDS for the past nine months! Incredible.

How to Take it

From my first sign of period pain, I take a dropper full (about 30 drops) in a small amount of water. I immediately notice a difference, my lower belly feels a little warm and the pain goes away. Sometimes 5 or 6 hours go by until I start feeling more cramping and I take another dropper full. During the first day of my period (when the pain is usually the worst) I end up taking probably three droppers. The second day I might take one dropper full. Everyone is different, so figure out what you need. You can take it every 30 minutes if needed.

Cramp bark is not known to have any bad side-effects, of course start out with a caution to see if your body reacts positivity to it and don’t take large doses.


Two more two solutions for easing menstrual cramps are ginger tea and a hot water bottle. The heat from the hot water bottle is soothing and ginger tea helps with pain. To make ginger tea just cut up a few chunks of ginger and boil it in water. Sip slowly.


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