Spotlight on Parsnips


When was the last time you ate a parsnip? Probably a while ago, if ever. I like parsnips! This is probably not something you hear everyday. Sadly, parsnips seem to take the back stage to other root vegetables, namely carrots, beets and potatoes.Parsnips and turnips seemed to, at least in my mind, get put together in the same category. And while they might look similar, I personally do not like turnips, but will happily eat parsnips. Turnips are more watery and astringent while parsnips are creamy and sweet. They remind me of a mix between a sweet potato and a carrot.

Since I am not near a kitchen, I’ve rounded together two parsnip recipes for all of you. Parsnips are a great winter vegetable. They taste amazing when roasted and are a wonderful grounding and warming root vegetable. I have picked recipes that are similar to ones that my husband and I have enjoyed at home in the past.

Parsnip Soup



Parsnips are great in a soup because they make the soup creamy and delicious. While this Jamie Oliver recipe might have quite a few ingredients if you are in the mood this could be amazing. Otherwise skip some ingredients and it will still be tasty!
















Parsnip fries!

While researching I came across many parsnip fries recipes, so I had to include fries to my list! When I get back home I will be making this recipe from Martha Stewart. It only have four ingredients and is a great alternative to french fries.










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