One Hour a Day


Food photography is something I’m interested in developing!

Do you have one hour to spare a day?

My husband just shared with me an interesting concept. He was reading an article where the author shared  the following concept popularized by Earl Nightingale: spend one hour (minimum) a day studying, reading and/or learning about something that interests you. That is the best part. It’s not something that you feel pressured to do. No, it’s something you want to do. Something that lights your spirit, something you are passionate about. Here is where it gets good. If you spend one hour a day, for six months, learning, reading and studying this new hobby, you will become an expert. Or at least you will be very knowledgeable about the topic and quite skilled at this point.

The example in the article was inspiring. It’s about a young man straight from college who wasn’t super excited about his job. His boss suggested he spend an hour a day learning something that he is interested in and see where it takes him. The young man decided to study graphic design. Within six months he got a graphic design job within the company, after a year he had doubled his salary and after 18 months he started his own company. Wow.

What is something you want to learn more about or learn how to do? For me, I want to keep on reading more about holistic health and wellness. There are many books I am excited to read, great documentary and a lot of recipes I want to create. That should keep me quite busy for one hour a day.

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