Spotlight on Mango Sticky Rice


As I’ve mentioned I’ve been traveling for the past two months and I’m currently in Thailand. Being able to sample all of the amazing food has been amazing, the Thai really know how to cook! Coming from the land of dairy and wheat, it always surprises me when I realize how little dairy and wheat I am consuming here. Instead the Thais live on rice and coconut milk. I’ve been told that Thais eat rice three meals a day, and seeing what they eat, I can verify that. Even their desserts are made out of rice! One easy to dessert to make, that can be found in almost every restaurant and at food stands lining the street, is mango sticky rice.

While I know it’s winter in most parts of the world, this dish can be made with a seasonal fruit, such as apples, pears, bananas or persimmons. I know that might sound strange, but if you think about it, so does mango and rice.

To make this simple dish, just cut up some fruit (if you are using a harder fruit I suggest baking or cooking the fruit to make it soft).


1 cup sticky rice
1 cup very thick coconut cream
2 Tablespoons sugar
2 pinches of salt
*(optional) 1/2 teaspoon red beet juice

1. Cook the sticky rice for about 20 minutes (1 cup rice with 1 1/4 cups water).
2. Once the rice is done, combine the coconut cream, sugar and salt to the pan. Stir gently.
3. Let it sit for 1/2 hour and then mold the rice into any shape.
4. Serve with fruit

*If you want to make half of the rice pink, add the red beet juice (or in Thailand we used red dragon fruit juice) to half of the rice mixture. To get red beet juice just boil a small piece of beet and collect the juice. Or better yet, make some beets for a meal and then grab the pink water. One more idea, make some freshly squeezed beet juice and use that.

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