Self Care- Top Three Essential Oils

If I had to pick three top essential oils to have on hand I would have to pick: lavender, tea tree and peppermint. While there are many other essential oils out there that are wonderful, I find these are the ones I use the most. They are great for traveling, for home first aid kits and for general use. To note, sometimes when you use these oils directly on the skin you need to use a carrier oil, such as almond, olive or coconut oil. The essential oils are strong and can irritate the skin. Adding them to the carrier oil dilutes them and makes it easier to rub into your skin.

Lavender Oil


Lavender oil is probably the most common and most loved essential oil. You can find this oil in many candles and self-care products and for a good reason. Lavender oil is calming, a great sleep aid and good for cuts and scrapes. I like to put a few drops in my bath for a calming effect, dab a little on pimples, or spray in the room to freshen things up.

tea treeTea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has a distinct smell that can be over powering at times, but this mighty oil is one of my favorites. I use it on pimples (without a carrier oil) and it once cured my planter warts (when going to the foot doctor and getting it burned off didn’t work). For the planter warts I dabbed them with tea tree oil and after a week or so they disappeared and have not come back, it’s been 10+ years! Tea tree can be used for canker sores, dandruff (you will notice it in some natural shampoos for dandruff), cuts or as an all purpose house cleaner.








Peppermint is great in food/teas or as an oil. Massage peppermint oil with coconut oil into your temples to relieve headaches, take a whiff to energize you, take a few drops in water (make sure it’s food grade or just get peppermint tea) to calm an upset stomach or ease the pain of sore muscles (once again massage with a carrier oil).


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