Kimberly Snyder’s Raw Gorilla Wraps


This recipe is a fun take on a traditional wrap, using collard greens instead of tortillas. It’s an easy way to get more greens in your diet and it’s pretty! This recipe is inspired by Kimberly Snyder’s Gorilla Wraps (click on link to see a video of her making the wraps). They take 10 minutes to make and are basically a delicious salad in a wrap form. Kimberly’s recipe includes a walnut mixture and salsa but I added vegetables to the mix.

If you don’t want to watch her video I can tell you what I did to make these.

To make the walnut base I blended up a handful of walnuts, spices and braggs amino liquid, I didn’t measure, just threw it into my food processor. Add cayenne if you want a kick, cumin to cool down on a hot day, turmeric or whatever else you want!

Then get a collard leaf and cut the steam off to the base and try to cut down the spine as it goes up the leaf. You can use a raw collard leaf, which is what I did or could blanch the leaf by dunking it in salted boiling water for 45 seconds (then dunk it in ice cold water). Or use a tortilla  Whatever floats your boat!

I then filled it with the walnut mixture, red cabbage, sprouts, shredded carrots and salsa. If you have a ripe avocado that would be a great addition. Once you have all of your toppings just roll it up like a burrito and enjoy!

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